What Disability Law And Advocacy Services Are

What Disability Law And Advocacy Services Are

It may be frustrating dealing with the government on your own. Not only are you managing your disability, but you also have to navigate the complicated Social Security Disability system.

If you have a pending appeal that is an appeal of the denial of the claim you filed five years ago, there is the potential of being approved for payment that far back. If you have tried multiple times by filing new claims, then benefits will be based on the most recent new claim. We learned our lesson during the last gilded age, so we promptly forget and started another, even larger and more greed based.

Christa McGill was formerly an attorney for the Social Security Administration, working on litigation and regulatory aspects of Social Security cases. Ginny Noble worked as an attorney for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission prior to her work on behalf of benefits claimants. By the SSA's definition you are entitled to receive SSA disability benefits if, as the consequence of an impairment that is either physical or mental, you are unable to perform a substantial gainful activity for at least 12 months, or perhaps that impairment may lead to death.

When you have a hearing before a SSA judge, you do not want to lose. This is because, practically speaking, your best chance at winning is at your first hearing before a judge. True, you can file a second application if you lose at a hearing; however, the second time you go through the process, SSA and a judge will know your first claim was denied. In my opinion, this may have a detrimental effect on your second claim as the second judge will know.

Thank you for the additional information. Yes, the explanation does make sense. If a worker has enough work credits, the worker is eligible for benefits. Each worker's earnings record has a primary insurance amount and a family maximum amount. Each of those amounts depends on the worker's total work earnings (not work credits). If total life-time earnings are low, the family maximum amount is the same as the primary insurance amount-which is the amount that you, the worker receives. The primary benefit (yours) comes out of the family maximum. When the maximum is the same as the primary benefit, there are no benefits left to pay for the dependent.

Right now, even with just one year of back pay coming to me they'd have to accept the $6000 as 25% of my back pay would be $6050 as of today. I'll happily let them have it if they can help get me approved at initial level. My attorney firm in Boston (I'm in Arizona) has been SO responsive that they deserve every penny. Your lawyer is in a better position to give you an estimate of how long things take in your part of the country.

If you have been denied Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) contact the HoganWillig Law Firm today. Statistics show that people represented by attorneys are more successful in obtaining Social Security benefits than people without attorney representation. Our firm will take a look at your Social Security case to see what benefits you are entitled to and how we can help you obtain the Social Security benefits you deserve.

My fiance' is dealing with Reliance right now. He was in a motorcycle accident in April. It takes them weeks to approve the claim. That is ridiculous. If you don't pay the premium, they cancel your coverage, but yet it takes them weeks to go over the paperwork and approve the claim? I think the attorney generals office needs to be notified of this companies practices, because they are not ethical.

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