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Mechanical Engineering




Excel individually and collectively in Mechanical Engineering Science and Technology, to generate, innovate and disseminate the knowledge for the total development of society


  • Create an academic friendly ambience where the students and faculty can think creatively and interact positively.
  •  Learn, make learn and master the concepts through individual and collective intelligent interactions among students, faculty and staff.
  •  Enhance the thought process and get acquainted with modern tools and equipments through individual and group activities such as, design projects, case studies, presentations and reviews.
  •  Network with neighbouring institutes and industry for sharing knowledge and expertise
  •  Reach out to the community to get a feel of diversity, equality and social justice.

About the Department

Department of Mechanical Engineering offers 4 year B.Tech degree course in Mechanical engineering and M.Tech course in Thermal and fluid power Engineering. B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering was one among the 4 courses started when the college was established in 1993. P.G Course started in the year 2012. The Department has recorded a consistent growth over the years. The department is set up with all required infrastructure and human resources. The laboratories are well equipped to help students to carry out project works on the latest developments in the field. The department has independent reference library having more than 500 volumes.



Prof. Vinod O. M

Head of Department

Mechanical Engineering

Mobile:- 9446389436



Sl No Name Designation Mobile No. Email id
1 Jowhar Mubarak Assistant Professor 9446271225
2 Vinod O. M Assistant Professor 9446389436
3 Mahesh P V Assistant Professor 9446676947
4 Dr. Anil Kumar B.C. Assistant Professor 9496358213
5 Sreejith M Assistant Professor 9745007369
6 Swaraj Kumar B. Assistant Professor 9447382229
7 Prajina N. V. Assistant Professor 8157871254
8 Sajan Jerome Assistant Professor 9400540958
9 Mukul Joseph Assistant Professor 9447536311
10 Tubin Manuel Assistant Professor 7909229662
11 Sarath Sasi Assistant Professor 8547542707
12 Latheesh Bharathan V Assistant Professor 9746829172
13 Aswanth K Assistant Professor 9207188540
14 Binu K Mani W/S Superintendent 9447476001
15 Satheesh Kumar C Instructor Grade I 9495148990
16 Jinju V Instrument Mechanic 9895826186
17 Anu P Varghese Trade Instructor 9947296891
18 Ratheesh T Trade Instructor GR II 9745115291
19 Sajin U K Trade Instructor GR II 9605419709
20 Santhosh Damodharan Trade Instructor GR II 9495513140
21 Amritharaj P P Tradesman 9633022879
22 Balakrishnan T Tradesman 9497289618
23 Jayadevan P Tradesman 8848283085  



Jowhar Mubarak
Assistant Professor

Vinod O M
Assistant Professor

Mahesh P V
Assistant Professor

Dr. Anil Kumar B C
Assistant Professor

Sreejith M
Assistant Professor

Swaraj Kumar B
Assistant Professor

Prajina N V
Assistant Professor

Sajan Jerome
Assistant Professor

Mukul Joseph
Assistant Professor

Tubin Manuel
Assistant Professor

Sarath Sasi
Assistant Professor

Aswanth K
Asst. Professor

Binu K Mani
Workshop Supdt.

Satheesh Kumar C
Instructor Grade I

Jinju V
Instrument Mechanic

Anu P Varghese
Trade Instructor

Ratheesh T
Trade Instructor GR II

Sajin U K
Trade Instructor GR II

Santhosh Damodharan
Trade Instructor GR II

Amritharaj P P

Balakrishnan T

Jayadevan P



Apart from academic activities, the students of ME Dept actively participate in Co/Extra- curricular activities with excellence.

Achievements include

  • University rank holders
  • Paper presentation
  • Conducted/Attended technical festivals
  • Successfully attended various events of University Kalolsvasam

Over the years the department has produced several university ranks in Kannur university B.Tech degree examinations. The names of the rank holders are given below.

Year Rank Student
2000 III Pradeep M Kamath
2001 I Govindan.P
II Saijial
2004 II Anil Kumar. B.C
2005 II Vidhyadha. R.B
2006 II Sandeep Kumar M
III Abdul Mujeeb M J
2007 I Bhushith. K. B
II Melbin Jose
III Nithin K C
2010 III Pavithra Kumara
2011 II Pramod K
III Sreekanth M



The department is well facilitated with most useful amenities. It has its own department library, machine shop, smart seminar hall etc


This lab includes various machines like Lathes, Shapers, Milling Machines and Planing Machines etc.Machine tools are power driven machines used by the mechanical engineers for imparting the desired size and shape to a work piece with the desired accuracy by removing the excess metal in the form of chips. In the machine tool lab, the student performs different operations in the lathe such as taper turning, thread cutting, grooving etc., and also cuts different types of gears in the milling machine provided with indexing mechanism.


This laboratory gives the students practical knowledge on the fundamental principles of Fluid Mechanics and can verify the principles of fluid flow. They conduct study of various pipe fittings, valves, gauges, water meter, current meter and on stability of floating bodies, pipe flow and applications of Bernoulli’s Theorem etc. The different test rigs available in the lab includes, − Pipe friction apparatus − Orifice Meter apparatus − Rectangular & V-notch apparatus − Ventury meter apparatus − Reynolds apparatus − Rotameter apparatus − Orifice apparatus − Metacentric height apparatus


The student acquires practical knowledge by conducting experiments on different hydraulic machinery like pumps and turbines. Some of the facilities provided in the fluid machinery lab are, − Subsonic wind tunnel test rig − Kaplan Turbine test rig − Francis turbine test rig − Pelton turbine test rig − Reciprocating pump test rig − Centrifugal pump test rig − Jet pump test rig − Submersible pump test rig − Gear pump test rig − Axial flow fan test rig


In our Thermal Engineering Lab almost all types of most modern two stroke and four stroke engines are available for the students to get practical knowledge about the working and characteristics of different engines. The cut sections of engines, gear box etc helps the students to know more about the features of different types of engines. Vane type rotary compressor, 2-stage reciprocating compressor, Vapour compression refrigeration test rig and Air conditioner Test rig are also available in the lab.


Our Instrumentation Laboratory is equipped with various transducers and instrumentation trainers, measurement systems, LVDTs, strain gauges, thermocouples, digital thermometers etc. This lab is primarily used for teaching different types of transducers and measurement systems.


Strength of Materials Laboratory offers facilities for testing materials for their strength, behavior and suitability for various applications. The various equipments available in the lab are, − Universal testing machine − Torsion testing machine − Compression testing machine − Impact testing machine − Tensile testing machine − Brinnel hardness Tester − Rockwell hardness tester


Heat transfer is a subject of widespread interest to the students of engineering curriculum, practicing engineers and technicians in the design, construction, testing and operation of the many diverse forms of heat exchange equipment required in our scientific and industrial fields. To study the heat transfer characteristics state of the art facilities are available in the HMT lab. Some of the test rigs available in our lab include, − Steffan Boltzman apparatus − Heat transfer in forced convection − Heat transfer in natural convection − Heat transfer in extended surfaces − Emissivity measurement apparatus − Thermal conductivity of metal rod − Heat exchanger apparatus − Critical heat flux apparatus


Computer Aided Design is an essential industrial requirement as a part of technological development. The department has a well-equiped computer laboratory with 30 workstations and advanced softwares such as Matlab, AUTOCAD and ANSYS etc.


As a technology oriented institution, we keep a modern and sophisticated lab for the benefit of students. Presently our CNC lab is equipped with a state of the art technology CNC machine. Precision components of industrial applications can be manufactured in the machine.


The General Mechanical workshop is the common workshop for first and second semester in an Engineering Course. In this workshop students get firsthand experience in modern welding techniques, Foundry, Sheet metal works, forging, fitting, carpentry, and smithy.




The department of mechanical engineering conducts annual intercollegiate techno-management fest “MECHATHLON”, comprising of technical paper presentation, design contests, technical quiz & debate, informals, exhibitions, project stalls etc. MECHATHLON brings the best minds in the country challenging them to explore new possibilities in technology and management. This Technical fest aims to amalgamate the innovative ideas of young Engineers with experienced minds on the various latest technological trends. MECHATHLON gives an opportunity to the young technocrats to work as a team and forge their ideas into masterpieces. This year, MECHATHLON will be conducted on 3,4, &5th of October.



Association of Mechanical engineering Students is introduced to provide a platform for the students to exhibit & sharpen their academic & practical knowledge. Seminars, Working Model Exhibitions, workshops etc. conducted by the association do fulfill the above said purpose thereby achieving an integrated development of the students.

Staff-in-charge: Mr. Sreejith M. Asst. Professor, ME


Group Tutors

Each year admitted students to the department is looked after by a team of faculties who are responsible for and take care of individual students.

Year Group Tutors
2023 Admission Prof. Sajan Jerome
2022 Admission Dr. Anil  Kumar B C & Prof. Tubin Manuel
2021 Admission Prof. Jowhar Mubarak & Prof. Sarath Sasi
2020 Admission Prof. Sreejith M & Prof. Latheesh Bharathan V