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Civil Engineering



Vision of the Department:

To become a distinguished centre for nurturing socially committed and technically skilled Civil Engineering professionals with an aptitude for research and life-long learning

Mission of the Department:

  • Provide rigorous training in Civil Engineering and allied sciences for moulding competent engineers
  • Impart knowledge with an emphasis on the development of leadership and entrepreneurship qualities in students
  • Facilitate continuous learning in a sustained research ambiance and thereby motivate students to pursue various career-enhancing courses
  • Inculcate ethical values and principles of sustainable development among students

Program Educational Objectives

Our graduates will

  • Become successful civil engineers and leaders well-equipped to handle the challenges in the industry and research
  • Pursue professional development through higher studies and entrepreneurship
  • Engage in lifelong learning and keep up with the latest developments in civil engineering
  • Uphold ethics and sustainability concepts in the execution of projects

Program Specific Outcomes

Our graduates will be able to

  • Apply the knowledge of structural, environmental, geotechnical and transportation domains for analysis, design and execution of civil engineering projects
  • Work in multi-disciplinary teams to propose innovative solutions to societal problems and meet industry demands

About the Department

The Department of Civil Engineering offers B-Tech programme in Civil Engineering with an intake of 60 students. It was started in the year 2008 and since then the Department has been instrumental in moulding Civil Engineering professionals with a passion for excellence. The Department has fully equipped laboratories and classrooms offering a conducive atmosphere for learning. Well-qualified faculty and technical staff of the department, under the able leadership of Dr Sajan K Jose guide and mentor the students in the learning process incorporating practical training supplementing the classroom lectures.

The Department focuses on all-round development of the students through various cocurricular and extra-curricular activities. Civil Engineering Association organizes expert talks, workshops, technical competitions, site visits, etc to bridge the gap between classroom learning and latest developments in the field.  Student Chapter of Indian Geotechnical Society enables the students to develop professionally by organizing various technical events and networking with practicing geotechnical engineers and academicians.

Civil Department Consultancy Wing undertakes consultancy projects from various clients including Government agencies and executes them with active participation of staff and students. The Department also takes up socially relevant projects funded by Government agencies which enable students to be aware about societal issues and involve in providing solutions.


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Department Advisory Board

  1. Dr Sajan K Jose, HoD CE
  2. Dr Anjali M S, Associate Professor CE
  3. Dr Beena Mol M, Assistant Professor CE
  4. Er P M Sulaiman, Additional Assistant Engineer, Naval Base, Ernakulam
  5. Er Muhammed Sadique N V, Assistant Engineer, Irrigation, Malappuram
  6. Prof Narayana C H (Parent of Adarsh V, S8 CE)

Program Assessment Committee

  1. Prof Radhika Nair N J, Assistant Professor – Convenor
  2. Dr Beena Mol M, Assistant Professor
  3. Prof Sreevidya V, Assistant Professor
  4. Prof Renu N, Assistant Professor

Department Quality Assurance Cell

  1. Dr Beena Mol M, Assistant Professor
  2. Dr Anjali M S, Associate Professor
  3. Prof Radhika Nair N J, Assistant Professor
  4. Prof Arun N R, Assistant Professor
  5. Prof Renu N, Assistant Professor


Dr. Sajan K. Jose

Head of Department

Civil Engg.

Mobile:- 9447413195




Sl No Name Designation Mobile number
1 Dr. Sajan K. Jose Professor 9447413195
2 Dr. Anjali M S Associate Professor 9496251434
3 Ms. Radhika Nair N J Assistant Professor 8547720396
4 Prof. Arun N R Assistant Professor 9495688674
5 Dr. Beena Mol M Assistant Professor 8903482741
6 Prof. Sreevidya  V Assistant Professor 9383460549
7 Prof. Prakrithi V Assistant Professor 9400900961
8 Prof. Renu N Assistant Professor  9497277277
9 Prof. Jisha K.V. Assistant Professor 9778723478
10 Prof. Reshmi Raghunath Assistant Professor 8547944458
11 Prof. Anjali M. Assistant Professor 8157843890



Sl No Name Designation Mobile number
1 Mr. Jamsheer P P Tradesman 9746221722
2 Mr. Jose Edward Tradesman 9447974382
3 Mr. Satheesh Kumar B Tradesman 9744597888
3 Mr. Abhijith V.V Tradesman 8907698082
4 Mr. Jaljith Site Supervisor 7025620981


Dr. Sajan K Jose

Dr. Anjali M S
Associate Professor

Mr. Arun N R
Assistant Professor

Prof. Radhika Nair N J
Assistant Professor

Dr. Beena Mol M
Assistant Professor

Prof. Sreevidya V
Assistant Professor

Prof. Prakrithi V
Assistant Professor

Prof. Renu N
Assistant Professor

Prof. Jisha K V
Assistant Professor

Prof. Reshmi Raghunath
Assistant Professor

Prof. Anjali M
Assistant Professor

Mr. Jamsheer P P

Mr. Jose Edward

Mr. Satheesh Kumar B

Mr. Abhijith V V





Students admitted to the Department are looked after by a team of faculties who are responsible for and take care of students



2022 Admission

Dr. Beena Mol M and Prof. Renu N

2021 admission

Prof. Arun N R and Prof. Prakrithi V

2020 admission

Prof. Radhika Nair N J and Prof. Sreevidya V

2019 admission

Dr. Anjali M S and Prof. Jisha K V



Our Major Clients



The department is well facilitated with most useful amenities. It has its own survey,fluid mechanics lab, smart seminar hall etc


The survey practical laboratory to set up to make the students thoroughly familiar with the concept of surveying. The lab consists of modern and conventional instruments such as Electronic Theodolite, Tacheometer Levelling and contouring equipment, plane table etc. enhances the students to gain practical field experience over theoretical knowledge.


Transportation engineering lab intends to test the suitability of highway materials in road construction. It facilitates testing of aggregates, bitumen etc. The students can make use of the tests like aggregate impact value, crushing value, angularity number, marshal stability etc. under this lab to cherish their knowledge.


The environmental laboratory is well equipped and consists of facilities which support environmental engineering analysis. The lab offers quantitative and qualitative analysis of water, waste water, solid waste etc. by exploring the laboratory procedures and experiments.


Concrete lab offers facilities to test various building construction materials such as aggregates, cement, mortar and concrete in fresh and hardened state .students have to perform experiments like aggregate impact value test, crushing value test, normal consistency of cement, workability test on concrete such as vee bee test, slump test and compaction factor test, compressive strength of hardened concrete etc and analyse their result to gain better assessment skills to mould themselves as good civil engineers.


The laboratory is furnished with the facilities to gain best knowledge about soil mechanics in under graduate level. For better understanding of various properties of soil different field as well as laboratory experiments such as triaxial compression test, unconfined compressive strength test, consolidation test, standard proctor compaction test, atterberg limits, direct shear test vane shear test etc are conducted under this laboratory. The students can analyse and compare the results with their theoretical lectures.


Computer aided design lab established with all latest softwares and hardwares for the benefit of civil engineering students. The students are offered training on various civil engineering softwares like AutoCAD, Staadpro, mat lab, primavera etc



Apart from academic activities, the students of Civil Dept actively participate in Co/Extra- curricular activities with excellence.

Achievements include

  • University rank holders
  • Paper presentation
  • Conducted/Attended technical festivals
  • Successfully attended various events of University Kalolsvasam

University Rank Holders for Civil Dept.






Nibana SIraj


Rajeesh R



Sreelakshmi B



Vijayashree B



Sruthi S Kumar



Sneha Surendran



Shahbaz Ahamed P
Junior Resource – Person
Vaisakh Damodaran
Quantity Surveyor
Nurol LLC
Muhammed Sadique N
Assistant Engineer Irrigation
Nafsal K, M-Tech
Sr Engineer in Arabian Industries  Projects LLC
Muscat, Oman
Pradeesh Adukkadukkam
Senior Engineer, UAE
Premdas Gupthan
Project Manager
Bath North East Somerset Council, England
Dr. Ganaraj
Assistant Professor
NIT, Calicut
Prof. Vijila Balakrishnan
Head of The Department
St. Thomas College of Engg, Kannur
Dr. Nimisha
Satheesan M K
Assistant Engineer, LSGD
Reva Venu
Assistant Engineer        Irrigation Department
Subha P
Assistant Engineer
Local Infrastructure Development Engineering Wing
Abdul Rahman Abdul Latheef
All India Head
Infra Projects Godrej Interior
Jobson Joseph
Senior Project Engineer
WSP India
Bengaluru office
Joble M K
Senior Engineer
Elisuba Kuruvilla
Graduate Engineer
UK Water WSP Consultants Pvt. Ltd.


Indian Geotechnical Society (IGS) Student Chapter

IGS student chapter of the department of civil engineering, coming under Indian Geotechnical Society – Kozhikode chapter, was inaugurated on 8th September, 2023. The Chief Guest of the inauguration was Dr. S. Chandrakaran, Professor, NIT, Calicut and Chairman, IGS Kozhikode Chapter. Dr. Jayamohan J., Principal, LBS Institute of Technology for Women, Trivandrum and Hon. Secretary, IGS Thiruvananthapuram Chapter was also there to honour the event.

Inauguration of IGS Student Chapter by Dr. S Chandrakaran, Professor, NIT Calicut

Expert Talk by Dr Chandrakaran, Professor, NIT Calicut

Expert Talk by Dr Jayamohan J, Professor & Head, Department of Civil Engineering
LBS Institute of Technology for Women, Poojappura, Thiruvananthapuram

Token of gratitude to Dr. Chandrakaran

Token of gratitude to Dr. Jayamohan J


Expert talks are arranged for the students to get acquainted with the current civil engineering practices. Students are getting opportunities to clear their doubts regarding the practical aspects of various civil engineering construction works. They are also getting open platforms for discussing about the latest research outcomes and to proceed further in such research areas.

Dr Srihari S, Professor, NITK Surathkal

Dr Chandrakaran, Professor, NIT Calicut

Expert Talk by Dr Jayamohan J, Professor & Head, Department of Civil Engineering
LBS Institute of Technology for Women, Poojappura, Thiruvananthapuram

Dr Abhijith Kammath, Post Doctoral Research Scholar Delft University of Technology Netherlands

Dr. P K Suresh, Professor Adisankara Institute of Technology, Kalady

Dr Narayanan N I, Assistant Professor Government College of Engineering Kannur

Prof. Prasoon Presenan, College of Engineering, Trikaripur

Saranya Sasindran, Sustainability Engineer UK based Global Multi-Disciplinary Consulting Firm

Dr. Gourav Goel , Assistant Professor, Department of Energy and Environment Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology

Er. Elisuba Kuruvilla, Graduate Engineer, UK, Water, WSP Consultant Pvt. Ltd.

Conferences and Workshops

2nd International Conference on Recent Advances in Engineering and Technology,(ICORETech 2024)

 Feb 8-9, 2024 Coordinated by the Department of Civil Engineering

Inaugural Function of ICORETech 2024

ICORETech 2024 inaugurated by Dr. S D Madhu Kumar Chairman, Centre for Information Technology Research and Automation, NIT Calicut

Paper presentation by department students in the conference ICORETech 2024

Best Civil Engineering paper award in ICORETech 2024[/caption]

Er Sudhi, Institute of Quantity Surveying Kozhikode is conducting one day workshop on various aspects of quantity surveying to the final year civil engineering students.

Er Pradeep Kumar, Director, AMMYZ Professional Academy, engaging a one-day workshop on the design of hydraulic structures.


  • The students of final year have visited Palayi Regulator cum bridge (RCB), of the Irrigation department, as a part of their studies

Students are studying the location details and other technical aspects with the help of the chief engineer

The students are studying the reinforcement details of hammer head pier

  • A site visit has been arranged to the students of fourth and sixth semester civil egineering to the construction project, widening of national higway, at Cherkkala, Kasaragod. During this visit, the students got an opportunity to study soil nailing for soil stabilisation, guniting and shotcrete. Also, they got idea about the various stages of embankment formation including foundations of hammer head piers etc.

The students are studying the reinforcement details of hammer head pier


Buiding tax Verification for Muliyar and Kumbla panchayath (2023-24)

Open Street Map Based Geo-Mapping of Urban Local Bodies for Mapathon Keralam in association with Kerala State IT Mission during 7thSeptember to 31st December 2021

In Collaboration with
Water Resource Department, Government of Kerala

Students’ participation in consultancy works

Students’ participation in consultancy works

SRISHTI – The Elixir Oof Innovations

SRISHTI as the name indicates it is the evolution of talents of the young civil engineers of LBSCE. The event was successfully programmed and executed on the ground of lbs. SRISHTI intra college technical fest of civil engineering department periodically conducting every year…, SRISHTI is filled with various section like competions-kurukshethra, quiz programs-qriosity, exhibition-kalistha, technical talks ,seminar competitions, technical film shows, entertainment section-robinsonade and lot more . It was a noble initiative to dig the core and explore in deep the ever widening realms of civil engineering and technology. SRISHTI intended to give a platform at LBSCE for the civil engineering students to enhance their technical and competitive skills to work impressingly to enrich their knowledge bank.


The civil engineering association introduced a periodical technical magazine SKETCH to ignite the young minds and reveal a lot more apart from the graduation level syllabus. The published four editions of SKETCH added colours to the mission. the magazine includes a variety of articles, editorials, interviews of experienced and well known personalities, reports on industrial visits, new discoveries and conventional methodologies in the field, The magazine also aimed at giving opportunity in bringing out the inborn talents and enhancing the leadership qualities of the budding engineers of LBSCE to come out of cocoons and explore this world of engineering and technology a closer level.




Civil Engineering Association was constituted for the purpose of enriching the knowledge of budding civil engineers. The main objective of the association is to create technically competent civil engineers by organizing various activities and events such as expert talks, workshops, webinars, seminars, paper presentation, quiz competition etc. that support the students to excel in their future career.


  • To encourage students to prove their talents in the challenging areas in the field of civil engineering especially to achieve sustainability during each construction works.
  • To make them to equip themselves with the necessary technical skills required for making them as exemplary engineers as well as to be compatible with the latest technologies in the present construction scenario.
  • To develop leadership qualities in group activities with humanity, creativity and team spirit.
  • To provide a passionate environment for continual learning.





In Collaboration with Water Resource Department, Government of Kerala

In Kasargod, efforts to abate pollution in the Mogral River focus on several key strategies. These include implementing stricter regulations on industrial discharge and agricultural runoff, enhancing wastewater treatment facilities, promoting sustainable land use practices to reduce pollution sources, raising public awareness about the importance of preserving the river’s health, and fostering community involvement in cleanup and monitoring initiatives. Through coordinated action and investment in pollution control measures, stakeholders aim to restore the Mogral River’s water quality and safeguard the surrounding ecosystem for the benefit of local communities and wildlife.