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LBS College of Engineering Kasaragod, LBSCEK is one of the few top most engineering colleges in Kerala offering accommodation for all its students opting for Hostel Admission .LBSCEK provides three in campus and three out campus hostels that extends full furnished hostel facilities for both boys and girls separately. The Hostels are governed by Hostel Warden, mostly a faculty from the College appointed by the Principal and he is assisted with Resident Tutors,H’Rts and Matron to meet all matters concerning the welfare of the inmates of the Hostel.Above all the hostels are a place symbolic of peace and serenity for both learning and extracurricularactivities.24*7 WIFI, indoor games,Knowledge sharing, mutual care and understanding, and a will to be the best is what makes life within four walls enriching and enthralling. All the hostels have dedicated mess that offers quality food. There are guestrooms of standard facilities are also available in the campus.


Hostel Monitoring Committee

Prof. Jowhar Mubarak, Asst. Prof ME

Prof. Joshua  P Y, Deputy Warden  Member
Prof. Anish Joseph Jacob, Asst. Prof (EEE) Member (RT)
Sri.   Jayadevan P, T/M, ME Member (RT)
Prof. Nishanth Augustine , Asst. Prof (ECE) Member (RT)
Prof. Sreedhanya M I , Asst. Prof (EEE) Member (RT)
Prof. Arun S Mathew, Asst. Prof (EEE) Member (HRT)
Prof. Seena Thomas,  Asst. Prof (CSE) Member (HRT)
Sri. Binu K S, T/M (CSE) Member (HRT)
Sri. Anoop Raheem A N, T/I , ECE Member (Non- Teaching)
Smt. Manjusha O T , (Attender) Member (Non- Teaching)
Sandra Koshy Vaidyan, S6 ME Member (Student)
Sreekesh ,S6 ME Member (Student)
Muhammed Safwan, S2 CSE Member (Student)
Abhinav, S4  IT Member (Student)

Hostel Rules And Guide Lines

1. Allotment to various hostels shall be only for the students/staff members of the institute.
2. Priority for admission will be given to students based on the distance from their home town.
3. No students with unsatisfactory background such as involvement in criminal cases will be given admission to hostels.
4. Room allotment shall be carried out by the Resident Tutor/warden.
5. Allotment given to the inmates is for a minimum period of one year.
6. Inmates vacating the hostel before completion of one year will have to pay the establishment charge for twelve months. However, inmates vacating the hostel on course completion are exempted from this.
7. Inmates will not be permitted to change their allotted rooms without permission of the authorities.
8. Inmates are responsible for all the hostel properties.
9. Causing damage to hostel properties will be seriously dealt with and punitive actions will be taken against.
10. An undertaking will have to be made by each inmate at the time of admission regarding the protection of hostel properties      and maintenance of hostel discipline.
11. Ragging is strictly banned and any such cases if noted will be directly reported to the police authorities immediately.
12. Inmates are not supposed to use electric cookers, high volume speakers etc. in the hostel.
13. In case of hostel shifting, the inmate will have to clear all the previous dues before entry into a new hostel.
14. Inmate with any type of contagious disease will not be permitted to stay in the hostel.
15. No outside person/previous students of the institute will be permitted to enter into the hostel without the permission of      hostel authorities.
16. Inmates shall be responsible for their own belongings and doors/ cupboards should be properly locked before leaving rooms.
17. All the lights and fan will have to be switched off before leaving the room.
18. Spoiling hostel walls by writing/sketching is not permitted.
19. Usage of alcohol/narcotics etc. is strictly prohibited.
20. Inmates are not supposed to organize any meetings/function without prior permission of the authorities.
21. Shifting furniture from one room to another is not permitted.
22. No furniture/fittings /movable property shall be taken into or taken out without the permission of authorities.
23. Hoisting flags or fixing posters/other decorative items of political parties in the hostel is not permitted.
24. Storage of weapons/steel rods/metal pieces etc. in the hostel is not permitted.
25. Hostel inspection team is authorized to inspect any room/area of the hostel at any time.
26. Inmates are not supposed to take the common news paper, magazines etc. to their rooms without the permission of  authorities.
27. Only half of the rent will be charged for the inmate for the stay of first half/second half of the month in the hostel.

Mess, Hygiene and discipline

1. A mess committee will be elected for each month by the authorities for the smooth conduct of hostel mess.
2. The mess committee shall be responsible for the hostel hygiene, minimization of food wastage, quality of food etc.
3. The menu of food items for the month shall be published by the mess committee in advance.
4. Application for availing mess cut should be submitted to the mess committee at least one day before.
5. A mess secretary will be elected from the members of the mess committee for initiating major activities of the committee.
6. Hostel mess is meant for the inmates of the hostel. However guests can take food on a payment basis.
7. Maximum number of mess cuts an inmate can claim per month is 15 days. However the authorities can treat it as special in case of genuine situations like Ramzan season, carrying out project work etc.
8. A minimum of continuous 5 days of mess cut should be there for availing mess cut.
9. Extra food items can be availed by the inmate on an extra payment basis.
10. Mess bill for each month can be paid without fine till the end of the next month.
11. A fine of Rs.100/-will be charged for the payment after the last date and thereafter, Rs.10/-per day will be charged as fine.
12. Visitors will have to enter the details in the visitors register.
13. Inmates moving out of the hostel after 10.30 any situation will have to enter details in the movement register.
14. Inmates will have to produce their ID card at any time if asked by the authorities/security guard.
15. Creating a noisy environment in the hostel, causing disturbances in any form to other inmates of the hostel etc. are not permitted.
16. Men’s hostel (MH1, MH2, MH3) entrance will be closed at 09.00.p.m.
17. Men’s hostel (MH4 -First year) entrance will be closed at 08.00.p.m.
18. Ladies hostel entrance will be closed at 6.00 p.m.
19. Violation of hostel rules will invite punitive actions.
20. Amendments of hostel rules will be made at proper time by the hostel authorities

Contact Info

L B S College of Engineering
(A Govt. of Kerala Undertaking)

Povval, Muliyar Post Office,
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