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Computer Science & Engineering




To be a renowned centre for education, research, and innovation in the frontier areas of Computer Science and Engineering.


  • Establish and maintain an operational environment to acquire, impart, create and apply knowledge in Computer Science and Engineering and inter-disciplinary.
  • Serve as a resource centre for innovation in design & development of hardware and software.
  • Inculcate leadership qualities, professional ethics and a sense of social commitment.

About the Department

Department of Computer Science and Engineering was established in the year 1993 and in the same year itself department has startedoffering 4 year B.Tech programme in Computer Science and Engineering with an intake of 60. The major strength of the department is highly qualified and experienced faculty with specialization in main areas of computer science and engineering and information technology. The number of intake is increased to 90 from 2008 admissions. State-of-the-art facilities are available in all the labs to train the students capable of meeting the requirements of present and future. The Computer Science and Engineering Department has consistently produced many university rank holders. In addition to this our students have successfully contested in many State and National Level technical events. Moreover our students are getting well placed through on campus and off campus interviews in various Central /State/PSUs and Multinational Companies. Faculty and staff of CSED are actively involved in consultancy work. We have organised several training programmes for the community. Department has close interaction with various leading industries and educational institutions. Department also conducts many value added training programmes to the students and staff frequently.



Dr. Anver S R

Associate Professor,

Mobile :   9447341312

E-mail :





Sl No Name Designation Email Mobile
1 Dr. Praveenkumar K Professor 9447375156
2 Dr. Vinodu George Professor 9447386594
3 Dr. Smithamol.M.B Associate Professor 9497603600
4 Dr. Anver S.R. Associate Professor 9447341312
5 Dr. Sulphikar A. Associate Professor 9447696710
6 Safarunisa K.M Assistant Professor(On Leave for Higher Studies)   9895064499
7 Rajesh Kumar .P.M Assistant Professor 9846269968
8 Nishy Reshmi S Assistant Professor 9961282630
9 Reema.K.V Assistant Professor 9497603603
10 Seena Thomas Assistant Professor 9447019588
11 Dr.Rahul C Assistant Professor 9995401430
12 Dr.Sarith Divakar M Assistant Professor 9946760222
13 Krishnaprasad P K Assistant Professor 9495447684
14 Indu K B Assistant Professor (On Leave for higher Studies) 9074252792
15 Vengayil Nayana Murali Assistant Professor 9526068319
16 Binsiya P N Assistant Professor 8606003899
17 Baby Sunitha Assistant Professor 496297136
18 Seetha Das V Assistant Professor 8606161791
19 Ramya P M Assistant Professor 9480237236
20 Sajina K Assistant Professor 9746481184
21 Fathimath Sameera M Assistant Professor 9809487024
22 Ayshath Sithara Assistant Professor 8547342274
23 Prathima A Assistant Professor 8547211397
24 Dhanyasree A S  Assistant Professor 9946957689
25 Shivangi M Assistant Professor 8089601488
26 Rasna P Assistant Professor 8590289053


Sl No Name Designation Email Mobile
1 Vinayan A Computer Programmer Hr. Gr 9400501542
2 PRASAD A Trade instructor (ECE) 9745459801
3 Lekha P C Trade Instructor 8848063762
4 Sherly P C Tradesman 9567291496
5 Binu K S Tradesman 9745314001
6 Sidharth S N Tradesman 9497162236


Dr. Praveenkumar K

Dr. Vinodu George

Dr. Smithamol.M.B
Associate Professor

Dr. Anver S R
Associate Professor

Dr. Sulphikar A.
Assistant Professor

Mrs. Safarunisa K.M
Assistant Professor

Mr. Rajesh Kumar .P.M
Assistant Professor

Mrs. Nishy Reshmi S
Assistant Professor

Mrs. Reema.K.V
Assistant Professor

Mrs. Seena Thomas
Assistant Professor

Dr. Rahul C
Assistant Professor

Dr. Sarith Divakar M
Assistant Professor

Mr. Krishnaprasad P K
Assistant Professor

Mrs. Indu K B
Assistant Professor

Mrs. Vengayil Nayana Murali
Assistant Professor

Mrs. Binsiya P N
Assistant Professor

Mrs. Baby Sunitha
Assistant Professor

Mrs. Seetha Das V
Assistant Professor

Mrs. Ramya P M
Assistant Professor

Ms. Sajina K
Assistant Professor

Ms. Fathimath Sameera M
Assistant Professor

Ms. Ayshath Sithara
Assistant Professor

Ms. Prathima A
Assistant Professor
Mrs. Dhanyasree A S
Assistant Professor

Mrs. Shivangi M
Assistant Professor

Ms. Rasna P
Assistant Professor

Mr. Vinayan A
Computer Programmer Hr. Gr.

Mrs. Lekha P C
Trade instructor

Mr. Prasad A
Trade instructor (ECE)

Mrs. Sherly P C

Mr. Binu K S

Mr. Sidharth S N


Group Tutors

Each year admitted students to the department is looked after by a team of faculties who are responsible for and take care of individual students.

Year Group Tutors
2019 Admission Prof. Nishy Resmi S Dr. Sarith Divakar Prof. Ramya P M
2020 Admission Prof. Vengayil N?ayana Murali Prof. Krishna Prasad P K  Prof. Baby Sunitha
2021 Admission Prof. Binsiya P N Prof. Reema K V Prof. Seetha Das V
2022 Admission Dr. Sulphikar A Dr. Smithamol M B Prof. Fathimath Sameera M



The department is well facilitated with most useful amenities. It has its own department library, browsing centre, smart seminar hall etc

Department Library
Books No. Titles 420 Total 750
Periodicals 2
CSE Lab 1
Computer Systems 44 Acer Nodes HCL Infinity Server (Novel Netware)
  • 9 Dotmatrix Printers
  • 1 Inkjet Printer1
  • Lazer Printer
  • Novell Netware (50 Users)
  • Microsoft FORTRAN Version 5.1
  • Turbo PASCAL DOS Version 7.0
  • Turbo C++ for DOS
  • SCO UNIX Open Server (15 Users)
  • Visual C++
  • Visual BASIC
  • Microsoft Office 2000
  • MSDN Academic Alliance-(Windows XP, Windows 2000/2003,Visual Studio .NET,SQL Server etc)
  • IBM Rational University Relation Programme
  • Learning Resources
  • Adobe Web Suite<
Computer Systems
  • 57 Acer Apsle Nodes
  • 1 IBM e server
  • Acer Altos Server
  • 12 Dotmatrix Printers
  • Lazer Printer
  • SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9
  • Novell SUSE Desktop 9
  • SUSE Linux Professional 9.2
  • Netware 6.5 Five user license
  • Novell Netware 5.1 (50 Users)
  • Microsoft Small Business Server 2000 (45Users)
  • Microsoft WINDOWS 2000 Server (15 Users)
  • LOTUS Domino Application Server ( 5 Client User)
Hardware Lab
Major Equipments
  • 8085 microprocessor kit
  • 8086 microprocessor kit
  • Bread boards
  • Fixed power supplies
  • Variable power supplies
  • Analog Multimeter
  • Digital Multimeter
  • Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes
  • PC Interface card
  • Parallel/Serial Port checker
  • Temperature Transducer
  • Function Generator
Project Lab
Computer Systems 31 Node
Printers 2 Dotmatrix Printers
Apple Multimedia Lab
  • 1 Apple Xserve G5
  • 1 Apple iMac 17-inch
  • 1 Apple Power Mac
  • 6 Apple Mac Mini Systems
  • 1 Apple Cinema Display
  • Finalcut Studio Software
Sun Knowledge Lab
  • 1Sun AMD Server
  • SUN U45 workstation SPARC, Solaris
  • SUN Ultra20 workstation Solaris X64
  • SUNRAY thin client
  • SUN Software Bundle
Central Computing Facility-CCF
  • Rack mountable Acer Altos Server
  • IBM e Server
  • SNodes- P IV
  • Wireless LCD Projector with Motorized Projection Screen
  • Scanner,,Digital Camera, KVM Switch etc
Seminar Hall
Seating Capacity 60
Major Audio Visual Equipments
  • Wireless Multimedia Projector with Motorized Projection Screen
  • Direct Projector
  • PA Systems
  • Video Conferencing System
Power Backup
UPS 30 KVA Online UPS
KVA Online UPS x 2



The CSE Association represents in whole the Social, Cultural and Technical face of the CSE Department. The Association stands for each and every member and apart from striving to make everyone feel at home with various cultural activities we also ensure that each of its member get maximum exposure to industrial standards, develop them socially committed and to imbibe in them the values of humanity.


The inauguration of CS/IT Department Association for the year 2019 along with the flag off of N. K. Sudeep memorial Lecture series was held on 29 th Jan 2019.

The association inauguration was done by Mr. Sharath Shasheendran, Regional Lead, ALM, MU India; Partners APJ, SAP followed by the launch of the International Conference on Advances in Security and Computing , ICASC logo by Mr. Riji N Das, Senior Knowledge Officer, ICT Academy of Kerala.

Prof. Smithamol M. B. HOD, CSED presided the event and Dr. Mohammed Shekoor T, Principal LBSCEK gave the special address. The event was felicitated by Dr. Praveen Kumar K., Dean, Academic affairs and Dr. Vinodu George, Dean, Students affairs.

The programme also set stage for the logo launching of International Conference on Advances in Security and Computing , ICASC, the awarding of N. K. Sudeep memorial Scholarship 2019, and the flag off of N K Sudeep memorial Lecture series with highly enthralling and informative sessions by Mr. Sharath Shasheendran and Mr. Reji N Das.

Prof. Sarith Divakar, the faculty in charge of CS/IT association proposed the vote of thanks.

Upcoming Events:

. Workshops:

· IoT

· Big Data

· Deep Learning

. Expert Talk

· Industrial expectation from young engineers

· Research and higher studies

· Software testing

. Symposium

. Technical Quiz

. Programming Contest

. Skill Improvement Program.

. Pre-placement training

The pride of the Department – Teranis 2K19

1) ISTE Sponsored Short Term Training Program (STTP) on Big Data Computing, Mining and Security

 ISTE sponsored ” STTP on Big Data computing, Mining and Security” from 04/01/16 to 09/01/16 organized by Department of Computer Science & Engg, LBS College of Engineering, Kasaragod.

STTP on Big Data computing, Mining and Security aims to bring together researchers from both industry and academia to participate and get exposure to latest big data analytics frameworks and technologies through hands on training. Last two years witnessed data revolution through the outburst of unstructured and semi – structured data. Cost of data capturing and storage devices went down further and aggravated growth of data. Storage and analyzing of massive amount of data for analyzing and providing insights helps to take key decisions.


1. Parallel Programming with OpenMP

2. Parallel Programming with MPI

3. Data security and Privacy in cloud Storage

4. TTE studies for Server Virtualised Systems using ARIMA”/ Life data analysis of Server Virtualised System

5. Introduction of Big Data and Apache Spark, Real life scenario

6. Setting up Spark Locally and applying Spark’s Core APIs in Python – Demo

7. Creation of Spark Applications and Releasing it on a Big Data Cluster – Demo

8. Integrating SQL and Machine Learning scenarios

9. Discussion on Spark Security considerations

2) FLOSS Club Inaugurated


nauguration ceremony was held at Amphitheater, LBSCE. Chief guest Mr.Shine Nelson, (Mozilla Kerala) inaugurated FOSS Club and expressed his views about importance of open source software. Mr. Binoy D M Panicker, HOD, CSE presided over the function. Dr. K A Navas, Principal, LBSCE, Kasaragod launched android application for nCORETech ’16 and shared his views for Open source softwares and it’s importance as academic tools. Dr. Praveen Kumar, LBSITW, Thiruvananthapuram delivered felicitation address. Keynote speech was delivered by Mr. Shine Nelson on the topic “Privacy and Open-source with Mozilla“. Paper Presentation competition was held for B.Tech students on the topic “Open Source Applications” followed by music treat from 2nd year students.

3) Big Data Processing with Apache Spark for PG Students

Big Data Processing with Apache Spark for PG Students

Presentation for workshop: Big Data processing with Apache Spark

4) Inauguration of FOSS Club

FOSS Club Inauguration

CSE Association humbly solicit your esteemed presence for the “Inaugural Ceremony of Free/Open Source Software Club” on 17th December 2015 at our College.

As a part of the event Paper presentation competition on the topic “Open source applications” for B.Tech students is also arranged. Interested students should register their names on/before 16-Dec-2015, 01 PM. Selected students will be allowed to present and prizes will be awarded. Attaching invitation letter and programme schedule for your reference.

5) CSE Association Website launched | Windows App Development | Kerala Startup Mission

CSE Association Website launched

Inauguration ceremony was held at Central Computing Facility, LBS College of Engineering, Kasaragod. Chief guest Mr. Mohammed Ramees P (Microsoft Developer Community-Kerala, Fellow-Kerala Startup Mission) inaugurated website of CSE Association. Mr. Ameen Abdul Hameed welcomed the gathering. Mr. Binoy Panicker, Assistant Professor, CSE presided over the function. Dr. Vinod George, Associate Professor, CSE launched logo of CSE Association. Mr. Rajesh R, Assistant Professor, CSE delivered felicitation address. Mr. Mohammed Ramees P Delivered a talk on Microsoft for Students and a session on Windows App Development. Ms. Anooja Murali delivered vote of thanks.

6) Android Workshop for Students and faculties


Android Workshop for Students and faculties





2) Runners up in HACKETHON held at IIM Calicut





CSE /IT Departmental Techfest 2k19 Inagurated

Teranis 2K19, the inter-collegiate tech-fest hosted by The Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, was inaugurated on 4th April 2019 at 12.15 pm in the Amphitheater.

Teranis is scheduled to be conducted on 5th and 6th of April in the college campus. Students from all over Kerala are expected to be participating in the plethora of technical and non-technical events to be held.
Department association Secretary and Tech-fest Coordinator Mr. Fazal Rahiman Z M gave the welcome speech. The Head of Computer Science Department, Dr. Smithamol M B, gave the presidential address, highlighting the importance and necessity of a tech-fest in an engineering college. It was followed by Principal, Dr. Mohammed Shekkoor T lighting the ceremonial lamp. His inaugural address was lighthearted and humorous, garnering laughter from the audience. “Without Practice, Learning is incomplete”, advised the Principal, encouraging the students to actively take part in all the events.

Dr. Praveen Kumar Kodoth, Dean, Academics, Dr. Aboobacker Kadengal, PG Dean, Mr. Nandagopal, Chairman, Students Union, addressed the gathering and gave their best wishes to the successful organization of the Teranis 2K19. Prof. Sarith Divakar, Assistant professor, CSE Dept, and the faculty in charge, CS Association, gave the vote of thanks.




The inaugural ceremony of the workshop series of Department of Computer Science and Engineering was held on 27 th February 2019. The function started with a silent prayer. The Department Association secretary Fazal Rahman Z M welcomed the gathering with his address. Dr. Smithamol M B, Head, CS department delivered the presidential address. Following it, Dr. Praveen Kumar Kodoth, UG Dean Academics formally inaugurated the workshop series. The Chief guest of the day
Dr. Ananthanarayanan V, Professor CSE Dept, Amrita University Coimbatore enlightened the audience with his technical talk on “Internet of things”(IoT). He described and explained the importance of IoT and allied domains and also on the current research trends in the field. Special address was delivered by Dr.Aboobacker Kadengal, PG Dean and Dr. Vinodu George, Dean Student Affairs. The function ended with the Vote of thanks given by the coordinator Anusha K.P.


inauguration keynote address
Inauguration of Workshop Series by Dr. Praveen Kumar K. Dean Academic Affairs Chief guest, Dr. Ananthanarayanan V. Delivering the Keynote address



A two day workshop on IoT was organized by Department of Computer Science and Engineering on 27th and 28th February 2019. More than 40 students from various departments actively participated in this workshop. The workshop aimed at providing a foundational yet thorough knowledge of Arduino processor along with some interfacing. The entire workshop was hands-on and students were trained in industrial standard hardware kits. The workshop equipped the students with the necessary technical know-how to work on a real time Android project. The sessions covered topics like basic Arduino programming, interfacing of various sensors including blood pressure sensors, WiFi connectivity and cloud interfacing. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Ananthanarayanan V, Amrita University, Coimbatore and N Sethuraman, JRM Technologies.



The department is conducting short term training programs for the benefit of students in various areas of Computer Science and Engineering. Short term training programs are conducted by the continuing education cell of the department.

1. PHP Programming
2. VB.NET Programming
3. JAVA programming
4. Object Oriented Programming
5. Project Design using Rational Rose
6. MAC OS and Final Cut Studio
8. Pre RHCE Training